23-24 October 2018

The Address Dubai Marina, UAE

Rafael Llerena

CEO, Easy Fresh Logistics

Born London, UK 1964 .Mr Rafael Llerena, Economist (University of Valencia), is today based in Spain, being the CEO for Easyfresh, the world’s only global, neutral & dedicated reefer logistics suppliers. Given his 35 years in top managerial positions in the shipping and reefer logistics arena, Mr Llerena participates in fora, always with a very practical and business oriented perspective. Easyfresh is an utmost specialized, market leading logistics organization, with over 8000 specialized staff and operations in 140 countries around the world.

Easyfresh brand name reputation is recognized globally, being today a market leader in a number of trade legs related always to fresh and frozen cargo logistics. Mr Llerena leads a number of projects worldwide, where Easyfresh flags same, together with, terminals, coldstores, universities, rail operators, retailers and other key reefer industry players. For more info you may visit www.easyfresh-logistics.com