05-06 November 2019

Dubai, UAE
Q: How would you assess the warehousing situation in UAE?
ANSWER: Besides food manufacturing under construction management, The UAE economy is almost based on Retail. Having said this, the driver for success and the same time the most cost effective part is the warehouse. It means, improving warehouse operations will have a positive impact of each retail business.

Q: How is it different from the rest of the world?
ANSWER: Actually not that big. It is always about the mindset concerning inventory accuracy, zero-error delivery, less return. The value of the stock is not always in mind.

Q: What role would ecommerce play in UAE in context to warehousing?
ANSWER: Ecommerce is impacting the entire world. Even here the behaviour of the end user is changing. How comfortable would it be to be delivered during summer with all kind of furniture, assuming that the prices are similar as in the stores! This has started already. For warehousing, the environment will change. Many items with almost one single pieces will be ordered and delivered.

Q: What are the challenges to digitisation of warehouses? ANSWER: Non digital Warehouse does not make any sense. This is not a wish, it is a must.

Q: How receptive are companies to adopting new technologies? What kind of new technologies do you think will adopt in the near future?
ANSWER: I’m pretty sure and very convinced that Analytics will be something which needs to be implemented even in the warehouses.

Q: What do you think about platforms as 'Supply Chain & Logistic – Arabia’s” contribution to the growth of warehousing solution in UAE?
ANSWER: I’m very excited about this new platform. Hopping for many interesting discussion and sharing a lot new innovative ideas.