3 - 4 February 2020

Address Hotel Marina, Dubai UAE

Home Delivery MENA

4th February 2020: Dubai

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    Welcome Remarks by Conference Convenor:

  • 0930 – 1000

    The Black Friday Effect on Last Mile of Supply Chains

    Black Friday in recent years has been considered the official start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers draw in the crowds both online and in store by offering huge discounts on everything from home furnishings to apparel. But the volumes are amazingly high and do create a surge strain on supply chains. Is it time to carve out Black Friday strategies

  • 1000 - 1030

    Overcoming the Challenges of Multi-Source Fulfilment Where Sites and Formats are Varied

    Customers and prospects operate multiple distribution center’s focused on retail store replenishment, some that are focused on e-commerce or wholesale. The most modern paradigm is those distribution centers have been optimized to handle retail store replenishment, wholesale and e-commerce all under one roof in order to leverage inventory, real estate and personnel.

  • 1030 – 1100

    How can Small Retailers work their "Free" Shipping strategy to compete with bigger players.

    Free shipping, once a coveted find, has become a standard feature in the minds of today's shoppers. Retail behemoths like Amazon make it seem easy, but free shipping is never really free. This perk comes with a price tag, and small retailers need to get creative in order to afford it. Amazon spends over $11 billion on shipping costs, but that volume likely earned it discounts of over 80 percent for overnight shipments, and as much as 60 percent on ground delivery. Small businesses can't command the same price cuts as retail giants, leaving them to adjust their expenses in other ways and absorb a greater percentage of shipping fees. The cost of shipping always has to come from someone. Big retailers can cash in on volume discounts and pay less for shipping services.

  • 1100 - 1130

    Overcome the Challenges of Apparel Ecommerce Logistics at Scale

    The apparel ecommerce industry has enjoyed significant growth in recent years, and the trend is expected to continue. Revenue for apparel, footwear, and accessories retail ecommerce increased is increasing rapidly and scalability is crucial in this area, and apparel companies that can't keep pace with the industry's growth are likely to get left behind. In the apparel ecommerce sector, returns are a frequent occurrence. Customers who order online don't have the opportunity to try items on in-store, so they may find a product doesn't suit their style even when the quality is outstanding. As you scale, it's important to keep an eye on logistics both for order fulfilment and returns.

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    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1200 – 1230

    ROI Driven Ecommerce Delivery

    Analysing business requirements to evaluate delivery innovation which can drive ROI and bring better customer experience.

    Heba Sayed, Marketing Manager, IBM Watson Customer Engagement
  • 1230 – 1300

    Same Day Deliveries in GCC: Converting Challenges into Opportunities

    E-commerce has changed the game of how parcels are transported and delivered to customers. With the help of advanced technology, the days have become shorter. With both next day and same day delivery service currently available, customers are left happy and satisfied with their entire buying experience. How can GCC move towards the same day delivery era.

  • 1300 – 1330

    Building Efficiencies & Profitability in Food Deliveries

    Exploring how the rise in Income and Internet Facilities drive Online Food Delivery Market in GCC. Understanding how businesses are built around deliveries.

  • 1330 - 1415

    Networking & Lunch Break

  • 1415 -1445

    Warehouse Innovation to Support Speedier Deliveries

    What goes inside the making of a flexible and future-ready sortation center for brick & mortar retailers, e-commerce giants & 3PLs players. What are the current shortfalls and its financial implications?

  • 1445 - 1515

    How Ecomm Ready Packaging Can Help Reduce Fulfilment Times

    Evolving packaging trends for Internet brands as the new retail reality extends from store shelves to an online setting.

  • 1515 - 1545

    Grocery Omnichannel - Implementing Click and Collect and Other Delivery Services

    For decades, food retailers and brands have lagged those in other categories when it comes to online commerce. Whereas online penetration of books and magazines, mobiles, consumer electronics, is high. Meanwhile, click and collect, in which consumers buy online and then pick up their purchases at the store, is surging in popularity. How can GCC players leverage AI, machine learning and robots in the food delivery supply chain

  • 1545 - 1615

    Pharmacy Omnichannel - Using Mobile Apps and Kisoks

    The last mile of prescription refills remains a frustrating, friction-filled experience. Pharmacy apps make the act of refilling a breeze. Text prompts offer reminders that prescriptions are ready. At that point, the slick user experience quickly unravels. The quick trip to the pharmacy becomes a patience-testing wait in a long line behind that one customer who requires an entire pharmacological education on the dozen or so medications they are there to pick up that day. Mobile order-ahead technology is being applied in stores to enable seamless mobile payments and pick-up

  • 1615 - 1630

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1630 - 1700

    Impact on Brand Sensitivity & Customer Loyalty upon non-performance by Logistics

    If the supply chain fails to deliver, it’s the brand’s name that is impacted. Retailers and fashion brands have very long and sensitive supply chains. A number of variables can impact a brand’s quality or name. If items are consistently out of stock, people will shop elsewhere. If product quality is not up to scratch then people will shop elsewhere. All this could lead to customer retention issues

  • 1700 - 1730

    Building Trust to Enhance Customer Loyalty in E Commerce Operations

    The whole machinery of eCommerce functions on trust. Customers trust online stores to sell them genuine products, online stores trust customers to pay promptly and sellers trust store owners to give them their dues. A slip from either of the parties can bring down the business like a house of cards. Winning and maintaining customer trust is critical to eCommerce success. Its critical to devise ways how you can humanize your eCommerce store and make your customers trust you more like they will trust their near and dear ones.

    Hassan Jawad, Founder, DeliWer Shopping
  • 1730 - 1800

    Perishables E Commerce and Challenges of Delivering Fresh Produce and Strategies to Overcome Them

    How will e-commerce fresh produce trading alter GCC’s traditional in store model? How will the food safety and perishable supply chain integrity be impacted by the same. Will the existing cold store investments meet demand or capacity expansion is required. How will it impact the end consumer. Will he witness an increase in final landing cost.

  • 1800

    Closing remarks and End of Conference