05-06 November 2019

Dubai, UAE



05-06 November 2019: Dubai, UAE

Day 1 | 05th November 2019

0815 Registration & Coffee
0840 Welcome Remarks by Conference Convenor: Sukhjinder Singh
0850 Keynote Address - Nadia Abdul Aziz, President, (NAFL)

Companies face strategic challenges in their growth path whether its process streamlining or formulating future goals. Threat of disruption and failure are making deployment of digital technologies an imperative for the smooth functioning of business and to drive business performance improvement goals. New supply chain technology can power up existing operations, streamline inventory, and increase revenue-if implemented correctly. How is GCC moving in this direction and what is the untapped potential for technology providers to partner this growth

Kapil Raghuraman
Partner, Advisory Services, Africa, India & Middle East, EY

Andrew Rippon
Co-Founder & CEO Thrupny

Andre Verdier
CEO, Innova Supply Chain

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Iqbal Ali Khan
Program Director, Blockchain & Innovations,
IBM Corporation

One of the biggest trends poised to change supply chain management is asset tracking, which gives companies a way to totally overhaul their supply chain and logistics operations by giving them the tools to make better decisions and save time and money. Asset tracking is not new by any means. Freight and shipping companies have used barcode scanners to track and manage their inventory. But new develop¬ments are making these scanners obsolete, as they can only collect data on broad types of items, rather than the location or condition of specific items. Similarly, IoT will impact warehousing, fleet management, inventory operations in significant ways.

Baljeet Nagi
Director: SCM Strategy ECEMEA, Oracle

1115 - 1130 Refreshment & Networking Break

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers. Roberta will provide an overview of the history, methodologies, processes and case studies of DDMRP.

Javin Bhinde
Director & Co Founder,
Syncore Consulting

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1255 - 1350 Networking Lunch & visit to the exhibition

In the last few years Warehousing and Transportation Industry has witnessed significant transformation supported by ever increasing demands, new consumption patterns, digital age of commerce and global trade growth. The "first mile" facilities are expanding with e-Commerce boom and the "last mile" facilities are becoming highly localized to support quick deliveries to consumers. Moving forward experts are looking forward to second generation of IoT, Big Data and Cloud based products to further revolutionize the space.

Idriss Al Rifai
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Nektarios Triantafyllidis
Regional Director Logistics,

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Maged Girgis
Technical Services Leader, Honeywell Middle East,
Africa and Turkey

1545 - 1600 Refreshment & Networking Break

With procurement functions across the region striving to enhance their role within their respective organisations, the need for matching technology and information systems is pivotal in transforming successfully. Having the e-procurement systems in place is not enough, they need to be fully utilized and implemented to achieve maximum efficiency and save employees time for more strategic activities.

Irfan Gafur Kapadia
Group Head – Supply Chain, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC

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Sara Omer
Sales Director, Tejari and CIPS UK Board member

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  • The effect of technology on the procurement & supply profession as well as associated practices, processes and strategies.
  • The impact on job roles and the likelihood (in percentage terms) of certain roles being fully automated.
  • The rise of the ''Titans'' (Amazon, facebook, google etc.)
  • The Future = ''Networked'' supply chains. Collaboration between buyers and suppliers.

Sam Achampong FCIPS
Regional Head CIPS MENA

In today’s maturing consumer markets, emphasis is shifting from straightforward sales to a more holistic approach to customer life-cycle management. Effectively managing these different marketing, sales, and service channels poses a significant challenge. Companies need new strategies, structures, processes, and tools to deliver customer value across all channels. A multi-channel, integrative customer model that delivers customer value and Signiant return on investment (ROI) requires both a strong understanding of customer preferences and behaviours and a robust IT architecture that supports the overarching customer relationship management (CRM) strategy.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed
(Session Chairman)

Phil Showering
COO, Mohebi Logistics

Preeti Jhanji
Lead - Business Functions - Jashanmal National Company LLC

Kim Winter
Global Chief Executive Officer Logistics Executive Group

1750 Closing remarks of Day 1 followed by Refreshment

Day 2 | 06th November 2019

0830 Registration & Coffee
0855 Welcome Remarks by Conference Convenor: Sukhjinder Singh

Retail Supply Chain Track

As e-commerce has grown explosively over the last decade, it has brought with it a perennially frightening time for retail executives: peak. Whether your organization faces increased orders for Black Friday, the run up to Eid &Christmas, summer sales, new year resolutions, new product launches every retailer undergoes a period each year where order volumes can spike up to 10-20x for a sustained period of time. However, there are patches where the ecommerce is taking away the market shares. Add to that the increasing costs involved in operating physical stores. What is the outlook for in store retail sector in GCC and what are the challenges and opportunities that it will present for the supply chains in the region.

Shailen Shukla
Head Logistics, Jumbo Electronics LLC Dubai
(Session Chairman)

Nick Vinckier
Chief Strategy Officer MENA, Duval Union Consulting

Ulugbek Yuldashev
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Mohammed Kamal

In the age of Amazon, surging consumer expectations — along with record store closures, and razor-thin margins — have propelled innovative retailers to aggressively explore alternative delivery solutions for same-day and last-mile deliveries.However, most are finding that the emerging field of alternative delivery providers is largely made up of on-demand couriers — essentially “Uber-for-packages” — services with strict geographic and size limitations, limited flexibility, and poor unit economics.
How can a collaborative delivery model empower retailers to harness and leverage existing resources to make same-day, last-mile deliveries.

Shailen Shukla
Head Logistics, Jumbo Electronics LLC Dubai
(Session Chairman)

Shawn Chaudhery
CEO, Snap Delivery

Hisham Albahar
Group CEO, Posta Plus

Haider Al Musawi
Director, TFM Express LLC

Srinivasan Palani
Head of Logistics/Supply chain – Fashion Vertical, Al Futtaim Retail

Krishna Raj
General Manager & Head Of Operations, Godrej & Boyce

On the outside, a SMART warehouse looks like any other building.

On the inside, conveyors, sorters, sensors, and wearables are creating a more intelligent supply chain that has real-time visibility, complete flexibility, and lower operating costs.

E-commerce, parcel and post, retailers are exploring these horizons of supply chain technology, and we will share details of exciting the latest tech solutions.

Combining advanced technology that boosts connectivity, safety, control, and business intelligence is creating a supply chain capable of meeting the demands of today’s business arena.

Massimiliano Fochetti
Executive VP Global Sales & Marketing, Fives Intralogistics

Umer Saleem
Sales Manager,
Fives Intralogistics
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Parametric supply chains (ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL!) are becoming a necessity in today’s rapidly changing retail climate, but what usually gets overlooked is the immense effort required to operationalize these segmented supply chains, including differentiated sourcing models. Many companies miss the end to end impact of trying to move to a differentiated or segmented supply chain model. What is the best practice in developing multi product, multi geography supply chains.

Kavita Jain
Supply Chain Director MENA, Unilever

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1120 - 1135 Refreshment & Networking Break

Telematics plays a vital role in developing innovative solutions for efficient logistics and fleet management. Telematics provides real-time visibility and data to optimize procedures and processes, maintaining product integrity, optimizing shelf-life, reducing losses and insurance risk across the supply chain. It is a critical component in logistics and supply chains because it addresses key challenges related to safety and regulatory compliance, driver monitoring, insurance and infrastructure.

Marina Ievleva
Regional Sales Manager-MENA, Omnicomm

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Vignesh Pethuraj
Advisor Blockchain Practise, Wipro Limited (UAE)

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Andy Kelly
Middle East Sales Director, Schoeller Allibert International

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This session reflects on how, with the need for more rapid and responsive supply chain operations to support the omni-channel experience, retailers can creatively utilise their network and infrastructure to better deliver on-shelf availability, various fulfilment and reverse logistics options, without increasing costs. The process will help identify how the core operations can be more effectively planned and managed to increase efficiency, utilisation and additionally to have a lower environmental impact.

Prof Christopher Abraham
CEO & Head and Sr. Vice President, S P Jain School of Global Management

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1300 - 1400 Networking Lunch & visit to the exhibition

Food Supply Chain Track

Why is Food Logistics important in the region?, What are the current approaches and developments, what could be the Implications wrt to managing Food Supply Chain & Logistics. Where do the opportunities lye for new entrants.

Gopal R
Global Vice President & Head Supply Chain Practice,
Frost & Sullivan

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Today, legislative demands are driving food safety and in turn innovation. To become compliant and increase our focus on food safety while reducing food waste, we need innovative solutions that mitigate the risks for all cold chain stakeholders. This session will look at the HACCP and FSMA legislation governing cold chain compliance and the influence this is having on the development of temperature monitoring solutions. We will also walk through the monitoring solutions available today and look to the future where cloud-based solutions offer complete transparency and the opportunity to harvest cold chain data. Join us and learn more about legislation driving the cold chain and prepare yourself to be the front runner in the digital cold chain community of tomorrow.

Kunal Gupta
Director Supply Chain,
Bateel International

Managing warehouse operations is a unique blend of science & art. The science starts and finishes with the technology deployed and the level of automation. The art element is the human expertise which innovates and endeavours to capitalize on the technology using human experience and desired parameters. Needless to say both have to work in cohesion for smooth functioning and optimal return on the capital and non capital investments in the enterprise.

Dr. Makrem Kadachi
General Manager, Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions
(Session Chairman)

Shadi Hassan
General Manager, Lifco Group

Sameer Kunhu Mohamed
Managing Director,
Jaleel Holdings LLC

Raphael Hallenbarter
Corporate Supply Chain Director, Transmed

Kannappan RM
Head Logistics, Al Seer Group LLC

Rahul S Dogar
Co-Founder & Director – Strategy and Business Development,
Holisol Supply Chain Solutions

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Sadi Abdel-Kariem Al Sadi H
Managing Director - Middle East & Africa, Slimstock

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  • Rising to the challenge of boosting cost efficiency with smart, innovative approaches for driving costs down to benefit the overall end-to-end supply chain
  • Unlocking new opportunities to do things differently: how can we optimise systems, implement agile, lean processes and harness cost-effective technologies to maximise supply chain value?
  • What does good practice look like? From vehicles to manufacturing to collaboration, identifying where we can innovate to reduce costs and drive efficiency
  • Developing efficient, sustainable transport and logistics strategies to ensure availability and service whilst reducing expenses

Javin Bhinde
Director & Co Founder,
Syncore Consulting
(Session Chairman)

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Tariq Abdulaal
Gulf Supply Network Manager, Procter and Gamble

Stefano Crotti
Head of Physical Logistics,
Nestle Middle East FZE

Sanford Burley
Solution Sales Director, Damco

Hussein Masry
Supply Chain Director ,Saudi & Gulf Region, Mars INC

Nadeem Hussain
Group Head - Partnership & Alliances,

Ginny Sahni
CEO , Ginnys /GBC Bakery

1715 - 1730 Closing remarks followed by Refreshment